Current Projects

Chitra brings to her dance a theatrical sensibility and a strong interest in multidisciplinary work. In addition to performing within the traditional boundaries of the Kuchipudi style, Chitra is always exploring new avenues of creativity in Indian dance as well as collaborations with different art forms.


Leela: Play of the Divine

Chitra Kalyandurg_credit David Potter

Choreographed by and featuring soloist Chitra Kalyandurg

In Leela, the divine beauty and creative energy found in play is brought to life through the vibrant Kuchipudi style. Leela takes root in Indian myth, traversing the interplay between the cosmic and the worldly, becoming a playground on which to explore our own stories of love, laughter, and joy. Leela is a joyful exchange of rhythm, music and movement, connecting tradition to a new generation of artistic voices.
Duration: 60 minutes (Accompanied by ensemble of musicians)


The Nayika Project


Presented by B-Fly Entertainment
Created and choreographed by Chitra Kalyandurg
Devised and written by Paige Hernandez

While Nina recovers from a tough breakup, she encounters a mystical woman, Sakhi, who promises to enlighten Nina by sharing the eight stages of a woman in a relationship. Even though these two women are from separate worlds, they have the potential to redefine history on the road to discovering the ultimate love. Journey with Nina and Sakhi as they remix the classic Ashta Nayikas using classical Kuchipudi Indian dance, hip hop movement and spoken word.
Duration: 60 minutes (Performed to recorded music and includes multimedia projections)


An evening of classical KuchipudiChitra for Nayika

Chitra presents an evening of classical Kuchipudi pieces.  The repertoire highlights the nuanced grace and pungent rhythms of Kuchipudi, all embedded in stories from Indian mythology.
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes (Live music may be arranged by request)

Short performances of classical Kuchipudi

Chitra is available for performances ranging from 15 to 45 minutes in length.  Based in the traditional repertoire of the Vempati Chinna Satyam style, these presentations fit perfectly into larger dance festivals or artist showcases.
Duration: 15 – 45 minutes


Photo credits: David Potter; Alrich Designs